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Tatianny Mackenzie, Customer Service Director

Tachi Mackenzie

Warm, honest and transparent, Tatianny acts as the "voice of the customer". In line with Kingsman’s ethos of "driving better sales through service", she works hard to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction whilst continually identifying new tools and technologies to help us better serve our customers.

Having spent most of her career working for large Multi-Nationals, she recognises the benefit of having good - clear - streamlined processes in place, but is a firm believer that "process" should enhance the customer relationship rather than disrupt it…. Computer says "no" is not something you’re ever likely to hear her say.

Brasilian by birth, Tatianny first moved to Jersey over twenty years ago. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She loves island life and believes that the beaches of Jersey are only topped by those of Rio de Janeiro, where she grew up… and where the call of the samba beat beckons her back each year.

Supporting you and your people.

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