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Using Co-working Spaces To Grow Your Business

58% of workers now work in some form of hybrid arrangement. The days of spending five days a week in a permanent office is no longer the perfect solution for businesses, and employees expect flexibility.

So how can coworking spaces help for your business?

Business expansion is a vital step for any company aiming to increase its presence and client base, and boost its  income. However, the road to expansion isn’t always straightforward.

One of the challenges is the scaling up of physical office space, which brings logistical hassles and steep costs.

However, this is where Kingsman Business Centres can help. We offer flexibility and affordable solutions, which are increasingly becoming appealing options for various businesses of different sizes.

5 Ways to Use Coworking Spaces to Expand your Business:

1. Flexibility

Coworking spaces are perfect if you want a more flexible approach to office space. Traditional offices can be difficult to scale fast. If they’re leased directly from a landlord, it can be difficult to gain permission to make changes that accommodate growth and often, business owners have to get more space than they need so there’s room to grow later.

When you outgrow your office, you have to start a new home from scratch, but not at Kingsman. Our flexible solutions, means that you do not have to worry about further costs, administration and the upheaval. It’s easy to add or remove services with your Kingsman memberships, meaning that we can grow with you and your business.

2. Cost efficiency

Having a permanent office comes with plenty of upfront overheads, especially if you’re buying outright. With coworking locations, you only ever pay for the specific number of employees using the office at that time. That means costs can rise in line with your head count.

It also means you can eliminate the need for costly overheads and up-front investments and at Kingsman, we have only charge you for you use and it is done in one monthly invoice, keeping the administration time and costs to a minimum.

3. Access to services and facilities

With a solely traditional office, it can be hard to make space for the full range of facilities you need. This is because, in the cases where you can’t accommodate a hybrid office or hot desking, you often have to prioritise much-needed permanent desks. But our coworking and office spaces give you access to telephone booths, meeting rooms, breakout areas, as well as tasks like mail and call handling, meeting and greeting of your clients and also administration support, if required.

4. Engage with diverse communities

In a fixed office, most of the time you’ll only come into contact with people from your company. Of course, you want to collaborate as much as possible. But it’s also great to work alongside people from a whole range of companies and diverse communities.

Coworking offices for business offer a great way to build networks, increase productivity and share ideas. At Kingsman, we’re incredibly proud of the community we have built and enjoy watching relationships blossom at our regular social events.

5. Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is another key reason to use a coworking space. One recent survey suggests home working creates 'loneliness and heightened levels of stress' for 81% of under-35s.

By giving remote workers the opportunity to leave the house and be around other remote workers, you can help reduce this stress, which would make you an employer of choice.

Support your business expansion with Kingsman.

For businesses of any size, coworking desks are a fantastic place to grow in the world of hybrid work. They offer a flexible approach to office space, a wide range of facilities and access to a diverse business network. This is all a big helping hand when it comes to expanding your business. With hybrid work now here to stay, there has never been a better time to explore a coworking space.

With Kingsman, you get flexible access to coworking spaces, lounges and private offices and have various packages available, to suit all businesses and its individual needs.

To find out more about our memberships, reach out to us today!


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