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Why 13 Is Our New Lucky Number?

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Leah Canada (Kingsman Business Centre Manager - de Carteret House), Michael Kirkwood (CEO of Lifeline Group), and Ines Aguiar (Kingsman Business Centre Manager - No.1 Grenville Street) with the AED 

Kingsman Executive Office Suites, a local leading provider of premium workspace solutions, is delighted to announce that, in partnership with Lifeline Group, they have purchased and installed three new defibrillators, that will be situated in each of their serviced office spaces across St Helier.

In addition, Kingsman have collaborated with Lifeline to ensure that their staff are confident in using the equipment and have provided essential regulated CPR and AED training to all staff, ensuring they have the skills to potentially save a life.

Matt Mackenzie, Managing Director of Kingsman, said: “AED’s have a 10 year lifespan, which means it only costs £13.33 a month to save someone’s life, so for Kingsman it was a no brainer to purchase these for our staff, clients and the wider community. We are delighted to be joining a growing network of defibrillators in Jersey that provide the potential to save lives and would encourage other local businesses to do the same”.

Currently, about 9 in 10 people who have cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. However, it has been said that the survival rate can increase up to 95% should an AED be used within the first and most crucial moments. 

Michael Kirkwood, CEO of Lifeline Group, said “Statistics have shown that only 5% of people believe they have the skills required to respond in an emergency situation, so it is fantastic to see a local business providing much needed equipment and training for their staff. AED’s save lives, so it is a great initiative to be involved in and we’re delighted that we could provide Kingsman with the equipment and training they needed.”


For more information on how your business could join the growing community of defibrillators in Jersey, please visit

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