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Violet Fraser, Customer Service Team Leader

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Violet’s responsibilities include the overall training and management of all Virtual PA’s and members of the Customer Service team. Focussed on consistently providing a positive customer experience, she leads her team at every step along the customer journey. 


Onboarding and welcoming new clients keeps her busy but not too busy to ensure that all services are delivered to each client’s exact individual specification. With a Level 2 Book-Keeping qualification, Violet also supports our accounts team, who not only manage our own accounts but also provide book-keeping services to our clients. 


Full of get-up-and-go, Violet loves a good laugh, holidays in the sun and spending time socialising with friends. When she’s not sampling the delights of one of Jersey’s many restaurants or nightclubs, she is usually found burning off all the excess energy, with her girls at dance group. 

Favourite saying:                            “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”


Best advice ever received:          "If you bury a body, cover it with endangered plants, so it will be illegal for anybody to dig it up."

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