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Carina Le Heuze, Virtual Assistant

Leah canada

Routing calls, taking messages, managing calendars and setting appointments are all in a days’ work for Carina. Working in a fast-paced-environment, where the phone literally never stops ringing, she is kept on her toes looking after clients from a variety of different business sectors. 


Carina has always enjoyed being in customer service roles, and brings a very warm, friendly, personal side to her work. She likes helping people and has a Level Two in Reiki Healing where she also incorporates crystals and other modalities. 


Outside of work, Carina has a unique mix of interests. There's the spiritual and lover of nature side; truly a tree hugger (literally) and a Proud Vegetarian of 38 years. Then there's the futuristic side. A love of new technologies, which all goes along with her love of Scifi. A Trekkie, Gater and Whovian as well as many more. She has met many of her favourite actors, including all five Star Trek Captains as well as many crew members. She somehow manages to never get star struck, not even when she met heart-throb Jason Momoa, the star of Aquaman. 



Favourite saying:                                                           “Live long and prosper.” 


Best piece of advice ever received:                 “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.

Supporting you and your people.

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